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Pt. Nemo

Pt. Nemo is a fashion label that launched in 2016. The Pt. Nemo website is a custom built WordPress site with a full eCommerce store. The site features responsive design, image sliders, and mailing list capture. Visit Pt. Nemo website


Waproo and it’s sister company Joseph Lyddy were long time clients at Graphic Innovations. We provided design work for all their product packaging, digital and print advertising and product catalogues.


Joseph Lyddy Pet Indulgence was a new range of pet treats and shampoos/conditioners. We were responsible for the branding and packing design for all new products in the ranges. A bright and colourful design was chosen to help make the product standout among the competition.


Bennelong required a complete re-branding of the company to accompany the expansion of the business to a more global market. The challenge in creating the new branding was to maintain elements of the original design while updating the look to be more modern and incorporating subtle references to the new global approach for the business.

Paper Sea

Paper Sea approached me about creating a brand new website for the expanding business. The website is a custom built WordPress multi-site so that the sites can be managed from the same location. The sites feature a responsive design, on-site ads, image sliders and an eCommerce store. Visit Paper Sea website


Mootilda have a range of Australian made health products that are produced for the Australia and Chinese markets. Design services were provided for packaging, die lines, stationery, brochures, advertisement and Point of Sale, such as display stands and boxes in both English and Chinese languages.